Finally, a decent pedal board! Latest upgrade here at BRS….

New software for Mac users

A new software tool, DL, has been released for Mojave users. This small program toggles between dark and light modes of the user interface. Head over to the software page to download. 

[UPDATE] 03.11.18 A new and free utility, Nightowl, has been released which has greater functionality to DL. DL will contne to be available, but we recommend this alternate utility.


Social media is posing quite a few challenges at present. From Universities that encourage tweeting with no reliable data that this does anything, to a feeling of a ‘Red Queen Race’ that is both exhausting and futile. Our lab uses none of the usual platforms, LinkedIn or Academia etcetera as these all seem to seek to achieve the same end, which I believe our website does well, or at least well enough. I came across this piece from Loreena McKennet in the Toronto Star about ditching Facebook – someone who has also used their own outlet to shift ‘product’.

Worth a read.