First world problems

The Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, at the time of writing, is poised to become a global epidemic – or be contained. I’m no expert virologist, but it does look to be accumulating mutations which could increase virulence. However, corporate America and the UK seem to have their eyes on the bottom line. Of course, if this does kick off as seems possible (my impression, for what it is worth is that the virus looks to be very highly transmissible and that the Ro may be at the very highest end of estimates), there may well be a significant and regrettable decrease in the customer base. Hem. 

Screenshot 2020 02 06 at 20 05


Screenshot 2020 02 07 at 09 56

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Mark was born in London and has the dubious honor of being a true Cockney. He is currently Professor of Cell Biology and Parasitology at the University of Dundee, visiting Professor at the Rockefeller University and a Wellcome Senior Investigator.

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