Studio rebrand

BRS, the outfit responsible for our website and many other projects, has rebranded for 2020. We are now Studio Thirty Four (S34). New decade, new name, same old rubbish.

Anacor resurrects

Well, very good new here – Just learned via Dickon Alley that Anacor has been restarted as an infectious diseases company, and as AN2 Therapeutics. Early days and small beginning, but very good indeed that the oxoborole story for NTDs may continue.

Brexit vacation

Short time here in Europe visiting colleagues and attending meetings. But a real relief to be away from the lunacy. Except when folks ask me about Brexit…..

Did attend the IndyRef2 thing in Edinburgh last week – I’ve always thought the police downplayed numbers, but see if you think this looks like 100 000 as claimed by the organisers (hint: it does not). Picture here is of the rally in the Meadows.

Pint of Science

This May I am combining two of my favourite things – Science and beer. As part of the massive international Pint of science event, Mark will be talking about ‘what lives within’, a lively discourse on how many beasties manage to make our bodies their home. Somewhere in Dundee, and with beer – May 22nd.

More details to follow.


Our Euglena work is finally accepted for publication in BMC Biology. This is the end of a very long read – over seven years of effort from many people, and we look forward to seeing this work in print. Stay tuned for some additional papers characterising the proteomes of several organelles. A big thank you to all the authors who contributed to this.

Goodbye to 2018

First, the good news.

Excellent progress with our work on boron therapeutics, as well as gearing up for new insights into the lamina of trypanosomes, suramin MoA and several others.

Also, Martin Zoltner will be moving to his own lab at BIOCEV in Praha. Congrats on this and we hope to continue to work closely with him going forward.

Also some really excellent collaborations moved forward this year, with Colin Sutherland, Pascal Maser and many others.

Now, the bad news.

This one is obvious – and we remain in a limbo concerning the Brexit debacle, and hoping for some sanity, which looks increasing like a fantasy. We live in hope….